Places, Sights & Skyscrapers
I have some ideas of countries and cities I like the idea of seeing for the first time and others I would like to see again.
They are great places of growth and dynamic change, with people caught up in the evolving life styles that make these countries and cities so great.
They also have some really fantastic tall buildings - another long standing interest.

Much more information to follow.





‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’
Well I cant think of any better ways of getting about. Three great transport loves:

Long and short haul  jet travel.

Sleek, very fast, efficient trains.

And of course some special road trips along scenic highways by car.

Lots of route planning and detailing to do there then!

Charity & Organisation Support
There are a number of groups that I want to be able to help in some way by this endeavour. Some are very personal ones that I would like to raise funds for. There are others who could use some of the amazing facts and figures we will be experiencing and generating during the journey as part of their fund raising challenge activities.

This aspect will be managed by a dedicated team to maximise the opportunities and benefits to all parties.

“Well it all started many years ago...........”

When travelling on business in Europe and North America, I was really quite smitten with the whole travel experience; every single part of it. I just could not get enough, such that when I was not travelling I felt something was not quite right. I tried to analyse it, talk it over with colleagues and friends and even went without it for a while. But I just could not give it up. A travellers’ nightmare or a travel agents’ dream?

From the accounts of friends and families one would hear of the battles to get to far flung places, to finally start the holiday for few days and then have to  start manoeuvres for the return travel followed by a recovery period, ”I need another holiday to recover from this one”. Why was it bad?

Well strangely I never felt like that and that’s partly how I have arrived here.

So when progressive illness started chipping away at what was a fairly healthy body (for 40 something), I was not too pleased. Then there were the commensurate impacts on what was an aspiring business life(with more travel). Over these years I ‘travelled‘ a highs and lows pathway of physical decline, hoping for some diagnosis or some palliative solution, but none could be found; nothing then and still nothing now!

“So where does this get me now?”

Well, I am a 54 year old medically retired aerospace executive, with too much time on my hands, a not very useful body to do things with but still an insatiable desire to travel  to the places I wanted go to when I was working and to meet all sorts of interesting new people.

So how am I going to do all this when walking 100 feet and back again is hard work, holding kitchen utensils or tools for more than a few minutes is painful and manual dexterity is going to pot. Well therein lies conflict. How do I find to find ways to match all my aspirations about a World Tour with the declining capabilities of a failing body? I am going to need the agreement, advice and support of my doctors before and during the tour to convince everybody it is safe and ultimately therapeutic!

“So how is this going to work then? Won’t I need help and support at airports, on planes and to get around the places I want to visit?”

Yes the days of ‘man with a bag, hop on any flight, anytime, anywhere’ are gone - more’s the pity!

So I am going to need the help of individuals and groups of special people, organisations, companies and supporters to help plan and make this happen and to keep me going during the tour, too.

“So where am  I going to go?”

All around the world!

Well not everywhere, to see every thing and everybody. My really strong interests are to see a number of places travelling through East Asia, then around to the USA down the West coast and across the States to my first love destination!

The Prospective Route and some ‘My Places’ are outlined in the following pages, so please have a look and see what I have in mind.

I know it is a mad idea and its going to take some really careful planning but taking account of the decline that has happened to me in the last ten years, if I do not do this soon - probably very soon - I will not be able to do it at all, come a few years’ time

To get in touch and receive further information use the contact form below.

“So what World Tour is this then?”


Departing To:

Corporate Support
To plan and execute this project we are going to need the help and support of many companies around the world, providing a range of services, support, and general good will.

Having had a ponder about the Prospective Route, I think some of the following people may be quite helpful/useful. They either go to, or have , places that I will be going to too - now there's a coincidence..!


Virgin Atlantic

Singapore Airlines

United Airlines


InterContinental Hotels Grp

Shangri-La Hotels

Hilton Hotels

Marriott Hotels

Car Hire:

Hertz Car Hire

Avis Car Hire

Logistics Support:


Federal Express

Travel Services:



IT Support






Books & Kit:


Financial Services:

American Express

Graphic & Photo sources:



LHR....SIN....KUL....TPE....HKG....PVG....PEK....ICM....NRT....SEA....SFO....LAX....LAS....ORD....YYZ....JFK....LHR-London Heathrow, SIN-Singapore Changi, KUL-Kuala Lumpur, TPE-Taiwan Taoyuan, HKG-Hong Kong, PVG-Shanghai Pudong, PEK-Beijing Capital, ICN-Seoul Incheon, NRT-Tokyo Narita, SEA-Seattle-Tacoma, SFO-San Francisco, LAX-Los Angeles, LAS-Las Vegas Mc Carran, ORD-Chicago O'hare, YYZ-Toronto Lester B. Pearson, JFK-New York John F Kennedy