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Here is a Who, What, Why, Where and When to get us all started.

Who is John Robins?

A former aerospace executive involved with IT and Satellite Communication systems development,  who with the increasing impacts of a progressive neuromuscular illness was forced to take early medical retirement. Now living in Hampshire(Old), near the south coast of the United Kingdom. With strong personal and corporate aspirations still functioning, how could he fill increased personal time with the growing limitations of illness?

What is this project?
Well it’s really quite simple in concept. It’s to travel around the world by air , rail and road; see a number of great and stimulating cities; visit their tallest skyscrapers, and  most of all meet the people who make these places what they are renowned for. The planning and execution of the project and the journey will be recorded by various means, with the possible aim of producing a book and/or a personal documentary.

Why these places?
The countries and these cities have all had some significance in world and local history and thus have provided a sense of intrigue and interest. But in recent years many of them have attained a greater and more influential position on the world stage. So what is it that makes them significant at this time and what is it that will survive the test of time? Others are places that have left an indelible impression from previous visits and just must be visited again, before personal travel becomes too much of a problem.

Where are these places?
Well in a sort of travel order:

Singapore, Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan-Taipei, China-Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, South Korea-Seoul, Japan-Tokyo, United States-Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Canada-Toronto, and last but by no means least, New York.

When will this be?
The nominal plan is for sometime in 2013: the exact times and durations are all in the planning at the moment. So much of the project will be a function of John’s health and ability to endure the travel and excursions.  With decreasing mobility and endurance this is where the travel and hospitality providers will be key to help and support.

As the project develops in the coming weeks and months we will develop and elaborate on the above points, as things start to happen and others join the team. Come back and find out more.


Much more information to follow................including:
Tourist /Government sites,

Skyscraper owner/occupier/operator sites,

IT/architects/manufacturing company sites,

Airline/hotel/travel sites,

Service/support group sites, local/community information sites and many many others .............................................