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Throughout the site there will be various web-space and presentation opportunities for information, articles, sponsorship and advertising.

Most will be to do with the planned journey, but other items could  relate to travel subjects and life in general.

Hopefully there will be something interesting and useful for everyone in the site, so keep popping back to have a look amongst the various pages and links.

My places of interest have always held a deep fascination, from story books of old and films of far off places, to different people, different foods and different life styles. Then during the ‘learning years’ just drinking in the depth and breadth of these places, from their geography, social and commercial development, population movements and most of all the industrial and technological advances that have given such significant step changes in these countries.

What I plan to do on this web site-as the plans for the trip unfold-is build up varied ‘pictures’ of all My Places with written insights and overviews, including plenty of pictures.

This will be my and others’ views on these places, sitting thousands of miles away wishfully thinking of what might be and then eventually recounting the experiences of being there.

The plan would then be to add to the web site content as the planning and actual journey is underway, filling in the gaps in knowledge and experience about My Places.

Why not have a look through the information on the following pages to get a feel for what I think will be one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences.

Initially we will have a Wikipedia link for general information - apologies for errors and/or gaps - but progressively we will start building an original base of information and pictures, to be greatly supplemented by the output of the visits.

This will also be supplemented by  official, authoritative and informative sites, all giving deeper insight and understanding about the countries, cities and sights being visited.

Copyright and reproduction issues for text and photos at this early stage are hopefully overcome by providing web links and acknowledgements of sources. Please notify me of any acknowledgement I may have missed and I will correct it accordingly.

My Places

Much more information to follow................including:
Tourist /Government sites,

Skyscraper owner/occupier/operator sites,

IT/architects/manufacturing company sites,

Airline/hotel/travel sites,

Service/support group sites, local/community information sites and many many others .............................................