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So what sort of places and things will I be going to see?

Two of the most impressive and memorable visual experiences I have found when travelling have been sweeping big city vistas and the architectural punctuation that skyscrapers give to these views. The first experience of this was seeing the mid seventies waterfront view of Toronto from Lake Ontario. As an impressionable young man at the time it was the first ‘real’ North American experience that was not film, TV or photograph.

It was not until some twenty five years later that ultimate satisfaction was provided by New York from the waterfront. This instance, with its vast range of visual experiences, has been since then the standard by which all other cityscapes are judged. That is not intended to be a negative comparison but to see how they seek to surpass each other by ‘different’ means and methods and the LOOK!

As for the skyscrapers , well that is a magical combination of the visual and the engineering coming together to produce something that to mortal man does not seem possible or natural. But to some of us this is the mystical attraction; in the science,  in the ethereal tactile sensation of travelling within it, in the ultimate experience of being at the top to see the cityscape from the most unnatural  of locations before finally taking away one of the greatest memories and experiences in life.

So having set the bar so high, I want to see and experience some of the greatest cities in the world - in my estimation.

There is a long list of likely skyscraper candidates, an early day set are given here in Skyscrapers.

Copyright and reproduction issues for text and photos at this early stage are hopefully overcome by providing web links and acknowledgements of sources. Please notify me of any acknowledgement I may have missed and I will correct it accordingly.

My Sights

Much more information to follow................including:
Tourist /Government sites,

Skyscraper owner/occupier/operator sites,

IT/architects/manufacturing company sites,

Airline/hotel/travel sites,

Service/support group sites, local/community information sites and many many others .............................................